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Bulldog Women Finish 1st, Bulldog Men Finish 3rd at Huntsville Meet

Michael D Holland Aquatic Center - December 12, 2022

The Bulldogs hosted a home swim meet before the Christmas break that included competition from Huntsville and Magnolia West. Magnolia and Magnolia West swapped final positions between the men and women while Huntsville placed second in both categories.

The Magnolia women finished 1st with 343 total points and the Magnolia men finished 3rd with 335 points.

Women Scores

1 Magnolia - 343

2 Huntsville - 300

3 Magnolia West HS - 152

Men Scores

1 Magnolia West HS - 419

2 Huntsville - 351

3 Magnolia - 335

Notable Finishes

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay

1st Magnolia A (B Reinecke, E Spooner, S Ryan, S Reinecke)

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

2nd Magnolia A (L Durdin, P Hoffmann, K Colin, D Gregg)

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle

1st Brooke Reinecke

4th Claire Wiest

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

3rd Koby Colin

Boys 200 Yard IM

2nd Parker Hoffmann

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

2nd Sam Ryan

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

4th Jacob Lavray

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

1st Brooke Reinecke

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly


Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

1st Sam Ryan

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

1st Dylan Gregg

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle


Boys 500 Yard Freestyle


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

1st Magnolia A (S Reinecke, A Benavides, S Ryan, B Reinecke)

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

3rd Magnolia A (P Hoffmann, C Dyniewski, K Colin, D Gregg)

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

1st Brooke Reinecke

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

1st Lucas Durdin

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke

1st Brooke Reinecke

2nd Ellie Spooner

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

1st Dylan Gregg

2nd Parker Hoffmann

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (A Benavides, E Spooner, M Ramcharan, C Wiest)

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (P Taylor, J Bullock, J Lavray, L Durdin

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