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Bulldogs Out Touch The Competition at October 23 Swim & Dive Meet

The Magnolia High School Swim team hosted their second combined school meet at the Michael D. Holland Aquatic Center on Saturday, October 23 2021. The meet included Kingwood Park, Magnolia West and plenty of competition on deck. The Bulldogs ultimately out touched Kingwood Park on the scoreboard to win the overall meet by a score of Magnolia 240, Kingwood Park 221 and Magnolia West 118.

200-Yard Medley Relay

The girls team of Isabelle Draeger (12), Claire Culberson (11), Summer Reinecke (10) and Sarah Culberson (11) finished 2nd overall with a time of 1:57.31. The boys team of Alex Carver (12), Dylan Gregg (11), Nathan Scott (12) and Josh Brooks (11) finished 1st overall with a time of 1:41.85.

200-Yard Freestyle

Brooke Reinecke (11) finished 4th overall for the girls at 2:11.74 with Isabelle Puido (10) just behind in 5th place at 2:11.90. Alex Carver (12) finished 2nd overall for the boys at 1:52.62 with Levi Hollenbeck (11) in 3rd place at 2:04.68.

200-Yard IM

Claire Culberson (11) beat the field by nine seconds with her 1st place time of 2:18.36. Nick Moylan (10) finished 2nd for the boys in 2:05.42.

50-Yard Freestyle

Sarah Culberson (11) posted the 1st place girls result of the meet at 25.39. Josh Brooks (11) finished 2nd for the boys at 22.40 and Dylan Gregg (11) finished 3rd at 24.39.

Girls 1-Meter Diving

Sam Jones (10) finished first in diving with a score of 180 points.

100-Yard Butterfly

Summer Reinecke (10) finished 3rd overall at 1:05.70 and Megan Rubio (10) finished a close 4th overall at 1:06.01. On the boys side, Josh Brooks (11) finished 2nd overall at 56.58.

100-Yard Freestyle

Emma Huma (09) led all girl swimmers with a 1st place time of 55.17 while Claire Culberson (11) finished 2nd overall at 58.80. Geo Montes (12) finished 6th overall at 59.75.

500-Yard Freestyle

Sarah Culberson (11) dominated the girls event with a 1st place time of 5:21.23 that was 17 seconds faster than the next finisher. The boys were equally dominant by taking the top four spots with Nathan Scott (12) in 5:11.08, Levi Hollenbeck (11) in 5:44.13, Gabriel Lewis (11) in 5:54.06 and Carter Ulbricht (09) in 6:12.94.

200-Yard Freestyle Relay

The girls team of Emma Huma (09), Megan Rubio (10), Brooke Reinecke (11) and Paige Moran (11) finished 2nd overall in 1:48.80. The boys team of Nick Moylan (10), Dylan Gregg (11), Gabriel Lewis (11) and Levi Hollenbeck (11) finished 3rd overall in 1:37.86.

100-Yard Backstroke

Emma Huma (09) finished 2nd overall for the girls in 1:03.62 while Nick Moylan (10) also finished 2nd overall for the boys in 1:04.62.

100-Yard Breaststroke

Summer Reinecke (10) finished 1st overall for the girls with a time of 1:14.53 - out touching the second place finisher by 22 hundredths of a second! Alex Carver (12) finished 3rd overall for the boys in 1:05.61.

400-Yard Freestyle Relay

The girls team of Summer Reinecke (10), Emma Huma (09), Claire Culberson (11) and Sarah Culberson (11) finished 1st overall with a time of 3:49.62. The boys team of Josh Brooks (11), Nick Molyan (10), Nathan Scott (12) and Alex Carver (12) were equally impressive with a 1st place overall finish in 3:22.49


The team expects to send several strong qualifiers to the Katy Jordan Invitational on November 5-6, 2021.

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