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Bulldogs Swim Hard, Split Final Standings at A&M Consolidated Meet

A&M Consolidated - November 03, 2022

The Bulldogs traveled an hour north to A&M Consolidated on Thursday, November 3 and split the final results across men's and women's teams. The women totaled 135 points to finish 1st while the men earned 119 points and finished 2nd in a closely fought contest.


Magnolia and A&M Consolidated were evenly matched teams and every point was important as the difference between first and second place was less than ten points!

Women Scores

1 Magnolia - 135

2 A&M Consolidated HS - 126

3 Magnolia West HS - 23

Men Scores

1 A&M Consolidated HS - 125

2 Magnolia - 119

3 Magnolia West HS - 31

Notable Finishes

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay

1st Magnolia A (S Culberson, C Culberson, O Suarez, E Huma)

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

2nd Magnolia A (C Ulbricht, L Hollenbeck, G Lewis, P Hoffman)

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle

1st Olivia Suarez

2nd Emma Huma

3rd Brooke Reinecke

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

1st Josh Brooks

3rd Holt Simmons

Girls 200-Yard IM

1st Sarah Culberson

3rd Summer Reinecke

Boys 200-Yard IM

2nd Jack Culberson

Girls 50-Yard Freestyle

5th Sam Ryan

Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

4th Gabriel Lewis

Girls 100-Yard Butterfly

1st Oliva Suarez

2nd Sarah Culberson

Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

2nd Nick Moylan

Girls 100-Yard Freestyle

3rd Claire Culberson

Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

1st Josh Brooks

Girls 500-Yard Freestyle

1st Isabelle Puido

2nd Meghan McCauley

Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

1st Jack Culberson

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (B Reinecke, S Reinecke, S Ryan, I Puido)

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

1st Magnolia A (N Moylan, D Gregg, J Culberson, J Brooks)

Girls 100-Yard Backstroke

1st Emma Huma

3rd Brooke Reinecke

Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

3rd Hot Simmons

Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke

1st Claire Culberson

Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

1st Dylan Gregg

2nd Parker Hoffmann

Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

1st Magnolia A (O Suarez, C Culberson, E Huma, S Culberson)

Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (N Moylan, D Gregg, J Culberson, J Brooks)

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