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2022-2023 Roster

  • Seniors
    Joshua Brooks
    Koby Colin
    Claire Culberson
    Sarah Culberson
    Dylan Gregg
    Parker Ho
    Levi Hollenbeck
    Izabella Icasiano (JV)

    Kenna Icenhower
    Gabriel Lewis
    Paige Moran
    Brooke Reinecke
    Jayden Robinson
    Samantha Ryan
    Ellie Spooner


  • Juniors
    Jake Bigler
    Joseph Bullock
    Samantha Jones
    Melania Laubsch
    Nick Moylan
    Isabelle Pulido
    Summer Reinecke
    Biel Prat Seranno (JV)
    Skye Solomon (JV)
    Claire Wiest


  • Sophomores
    Faith Baker (JV)
    Arianna Benavides (JV)
    Haldrin Colunga
    Lucas Durin (JV)
    Caleb Dyniewski (JV)
    Cadence Gliech (JV)
    Madison Hartung (JV)
    Emma Huma
    Ava Kotowych (JV)
    Jacob Lauvray
    McKenna Marler
    Kendall Phillips
    Holt Simmons
    Olivia Suarez
    Carter Ulbricht


  • Freshman
    Diego Aviles (JV)
    Zach Bullock
    Andrea Castro
    Jack Culberson
    Jorge Fonseca
    Ezmeralda Hernandez
    Connor Katzenberger
    Emily Lant
    Megan McCauley
    Madison Ramcharan (JV)
    Patrick Taylor


Record Book 

The record board is updated after the end of the season (i.e., the March timeframe). For a swim time or a dive score to qualify as a record, the performance must have been at a meet sanctioned by USA Swimming, meaning certified officials are officiating and/or judging the meet. Note that all UIL district, region and state championship meets are sanctioned by USA Swimming. Several mid-season meets such as the TISCA meets are too.

Magnolia HS Swim & Dive Records - Thru May 2023.png


We have been fortunate in years past to have volunteers take pictures at our meets and events. We have a share site on To access our pictures there, open a Shutterfly account and request access to the MHS Bulldogs Swim & Dive Team Share Site.

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