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Bulldog Men and Women Finish 2nd Behind Kingwood Park at Oct 22 Home Meet

Michael D Holland Aquatic Center - October 22, 2022

Home field advantage was not enough to turn the tide on Saturday, October 22 as the Magnolia swim team finished 2nd overall behind a deep squad from Kingwood Park. Some days you tip your swim cap to the other side and Kingwood Park performed well across the board to claim first place in men's and women's events. The Magnolia women posted 540 total points and the men posted 521 points.

Magnolia posted several top-3 finishes across individual and team relays. This meet did not feature any diving.

Women Scores

1 Kingwood Park - 742

2 Magnolia - 540

3 Magnolia West HS - 175

4 Kingwood Park JV - 7

Men Scores

1 Kingwood Park - 577

2 Magnolia - 521

3 Magnolia West HS - 277

Notable Finishes

Girls 50-Yard Freestyle

2nd Emma Huma

Girls 100-Yard Freestyle

2nd Emma Huma

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle

2nd Megan McCauley

Girls 500-Yard Freestyle

1st Claire Culberson

2nd Sarah Culberson

Girls 100-Yard Backstroke

3rd Brooke Reinecke

Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke

1st Claire Culberson

3rd Summer Reinecke

Girls 100-Yard Butterfly

3rd Isabelle Puido

Girls 200-Yard IM

1st Sarah Culberson

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (B Reinecke, S Ryan, I Puido, P Moran)

Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (S Reinecke, C Culberson, E Huma, S Culberson)

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay

1st Magnolia A (S Culberson, C Culberson, S Reinecke, E Huma)

Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

2nd Josh Brooks

Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

1st Levi Hollenbeck

2nd Jayden Robinson

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

1st Jack Culberson

3rd Nick Moylan

Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

1st Nick Moylan

Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

1st Jack Culberson

Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

1st Dylan Gregg

Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

2nd Josh Brooks

3rd Gabriel Lewis

Boys 200-Yard IM

No starts

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (N Moylan, D Gregg, J Culberson, J Brooks)

3rd Magnolia B (L Hollenbeck, J Fonseca, H Simmons, G Lewis)

Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Magnolia A (N Moylan, D Gregg, J Culberson, J Brooks)

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

3rd Magnolia A (C Ulbricht, L Hollenbeck, G Lewis, J Fonseca)

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