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Parent Information for the 2022-2023 Season

Welcome, swim and dive parents! This page summarizes important information for the swim and dive season.


Booster Club

The MHS Swim and Dive Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed to support the Magnolia High School Swimming and Diving team with its operations, home and away meets, social events, and fundraising. A significant portion of the team's activities are funded by the Booster Club. The club's Board meets monthly (at least) at the Michael D. Holland Aquatic Center on the campus of Magnolia High School.

  • Board meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6 pm in the classroom at Michael D. Holland Aquatic Center. Parents are always welcome.

  • ​The MHS Swim and Dive Booster Club is governed according to our bylaws

  • We are always looking for future Board members. If you're interested, please email the Board at

  • 2022-2023 Booster Club Board Members
    David Culberson, President
    Justin Ulbricht, Vice President
    Wanda Ryan & Jason Dyniewski, Treasurer
    Christie Mericle, Secretary
    Jamie Jones, Dive Liason
    Samantha Hunt, Hospitality / Fundraising Chair

Stay Connected with sportsYou

What is sportsYou? It's the Ultimate FREE Team Communication Platform. Your free sportsYou app and website connects coaches, players, and families.

  • Parents can download the sportsYou app and join the MHS Swim & Dive Booster Club parent group for important information (code: 5GSY-HXKC)

  • Team members can download the SportsYou app and join the MHS Swim & Dive Booster Club team group for important information (code: ZLJC-DHED)


Fundraising and Corporate Sponsorship

Without fundraising and sponsorship, the team operates only with budgeted funds from the Magnolia I.S.D. With extra support, the experience for our Bulldogs is enhanced with team-building activities, travel trips, team meals, flowers for senior's night, an awards banquet, and, if necessary, extra support for the team's day-to-day operations, including purchasing equipment, uniforms, team pictures and other costs that can quickly add up during the season.


Every year, the Board works with the coaches and the team to identify opportunities and work with them to bring in extra funds. In year's past, some of the key fundraising sources have been:

  • Share in bingo revenue

  • Proceeds from silent auction items

  • Supporting a local road race with envelope stuffing (i.e., race packages for runners) 

If you have a fundraising idea, please bring it to the attention of the Booster Club Board. You never know what it could do for the team.

Corporate Sponsorship

We love our corporate sponsors! Every year their support has helped us with important needs, including suppling that team with meals during meets and just providing cash to help us where we need it.

WANT TO BE A SPONSOR? Download and complete our 2022-2023 sponsorship form

Thank you for considering to help us.

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